As innovation is booming, the healthcare payment channels are becoming sophisticated, letting the patients virtually use any device and make payments. Although the billing services are at risk but new tools have been introduced for protecting the cardholder data, preventing fraud and breach of the business data.

It is important for the billing services and the clients of these billing services to get familiar with the new security innovations for healthcare payments and the protection applied to prevent the data breach. Here are some the latest innovation healthcare payments:


The data must be encrypted if the payment card data is to be protected when it is keyed or swiped. This process is known as the point-to-point encryption (P2PE). It is one of the secure methods, for once the data has been encrypted it cannot be decrypted until it reaches the secured endpoint. The data will not be accessible at any point even if it it’s the merchant’s account.


Europay, MasterCard, Visa or EMV is the technology as per which a chip is integrated into the credit card to provide protection against fraud for every card transaction. For the providers, EMV protection will come into action when a patient tries to make a payment from a stolen card at any of the service point. As per the EMV regulations, the client will be liable for the financial loss due to the card present fraud if it has not been implemented by October 2015. Important thing to know is that EMV is not responsible for the breach prevention, as it is only responsible for preventing fraud at the service point level.

Apple Pay

It is a recent release by Apple Inc. that has got the provider clients wondering if this type of billing is actually a secure way to accept payments. It has already been used in 220,000 retail locations in Q4 of 2014 and it is allowing consumers to make payments through point of service by using the NFC technology with their iPhone. It is not just a quick way of making payments but it is a convenient way too as it comes with extra layer of security. The credit card info of the user is encrypted and it is stored in the iPhone. It is not passed to Apple or the merchant, which means that the risk of data breach will be reduced.

Healthcare Payment Technology used by the billing services

As more and more payment channels are being introduced to let the providers accept the payments of patients, the billing services hence need to be sure that the encryption is in place for them and their clients. The billing services need to focus on offering the most advanced and sophisticated security practices just to be sure that the clients and the consumers are secure. The billing services must communicate their clients that they have to maintain a compliance with the applicable PCI standards. The billing services should know that to ensure data breach or protection, EMV and P2PE are two of the most crucial components.

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