It’s that time of the year again!  Halloween has come and gone and Christmas is just about a month away, which means it’s time for the biggest gastronomic holiday of the year.  Here are the top 10 ICD-10 codes you are likely to encounter at Thanksgiving:


1.  W61.42XA – Struck by turkey:  Because Thanksgiving is when turkeys around the country are on high alert.  If you’re confronted by a live turkey, keep in mind this is their least favorite holiday, and consider making a run for it.

2.  W29.0 – Contact with powered kitchen appliance:  Because contact with blenders, can openers, mixers, and garbage disposals can be dangerous for those with a passion for not cooking.

3.  W52:  Crushed, pushed or stepped on by a crowd or human stampede:  Because why watch the Thanksgiving parade on TV when you can travel a long distance to watch a colorful ensemble of cartoon icons?

4.  K21.9 – Gastroesophageal reflux disease without esophagitis:  Because when you have a holiday that has a reputation for gluttony, heartburn and indigestion are the norms rather than the exception.

5.  Z63.1 – Problems in relationship with in-laws:  Because who doesn’t appreciate unwanted and unsolicited advice on how to run their house and how to raise their children?

6.  R46.4 – Slowness and poor responsiveness:  Because a food coma is expected after ravaging a beheaded fowl carcass the previous night, but it’s nothing that cannot be fixed with a gallon of coffee and a cup of sugar.

7.  W45.1 – Paper entering through skin:  Because if you forgot to wear gloves while leafing through the plethora of pamphlets for the best deals, you may have to contend with a small, but evil paper cut.  The good news is there might just be a sick day in it for you.

8.  Z72.820 – Sleep deprivation:  Because lack of adequate sleep is a small price to pay for being sixth in line outside Macy’s at 4:00 a.m. for the Black Friday Sales.

9.  W03 – Other fall on same level due to collision with another person:  Because exactly one day after being thankful for what you already have, it’s okay to trample somebody to save $10 on a $300 microwave you don’t need.

10.  W22.02 – Walked into lamppost:  Because when you learned how to make that sparkling wine cocktail from Martha Stewart, she didn’t warn you about its side effects.

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!


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