Security keeps getting more confounded for smaller health awareness organizations. Carelessness and inadequacy have been the most widely recognized reasons for information breaks yet, that is no more the case.

All through 2014, criminal action was the most obvious reason, as indicated by The Ponemon Institute Benchmark Study on Privacy and Security of Health Data. Criminal activities, including corruption, have been seen as the major setback on matters concerning healthcare data. Because of these issues, The Ponemon Benchmark Study has proposed many ways on how to deal with such criminal activities.

Criminal activities represent 45% of breaks, Ponemon found, with lance phishing involving 88% of those attacks and malware attacks 78%.

The report also stated that the second largest driving factor is lost computers.  In fact, this amounted to 43% of criminal activities.

“Small medical practices rely heavily on business associates to perform patient billing, claims processing, and other services more than larger entities that have those internal resources”, according to Rick Kam, president and co-founder of privacy vendor ID Experts, which sponsored Ponemon’s report.

Notwithstanding 90 medical service suppliers, Ponemon reviewed 88 business partners and found that 59% encountered an information rupture in the previous 2 years; 25% had two or more breaks.

“This adds another level of risk to small providers who may have a dozen or more business associates” Kam clarified.  “This increases the risk of the medical practice having to notify patients by seven times.”

After that, there’s the expense of information breaks and related fines, which Kam said aggregate some $6 billion.

Kam also mentioned that the average cost of a data breach can reach $2.1 million.  A breach of this size would effect a smaller practice over a large hospital.

The Ponemon Fifth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data can be found here.

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