Happy St. Patricks Day

Who says you have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? This international festival of revelry celebrates Irish culture with parades, parties, dancing, feasting, and drinking. Shamrock, leprechauns, harps, the Celtic cross, and the color green are all enduring symbols of this quintessential holiday. And where there is revelry and debauchery, can accidents and injuries be far behind? Here’s a tongue-in-cheek list of 10 ICD codes you are likely to encounter on March 17:

  1.  W22.02 – Walked into lamppost:  Not surprising on a day when it’s customary to showcase your spirit by drinking an ice-cold pint of green beer for breakfast.
  2.  L24.7- Irritant contact dermatitis due to plants, except food:  After a pint or two of emerald-colored barley pop, poison ivy can start to look deceptively like a lucky four-leafed clover.
  3.  Y93.49 – Activity, other involving dancing and other rhythmic movements: Drinking one too many Shamrock-hued lagers can encourage a grandiose ambition of giving Riverdance a run for their money.
  4.  T65.6X1 – Toxic effects of paints and dyes:  The propylene glycol in green food coloring doesn’t agree with everyone, and green might just be the color of the skin of someone who’s consumed food coloring gone bad.
  5.  F10.129 – Alcohol abuse with intoxication, unspecified:  Despite the dizziness, giddiness, slurred speech, falls and brawls, bar goers will still laugh boisterously when you tell them that going to the parade is a better idea.
  6.  H83.3X9 – Noise effects on inner ear, unspecified ear:  They avoided the bars and headed for the parade, but now they’re suffering from the effects of rocking to eardrum-shattering Celtic music.
  7.  D50.8 – Other iron deficiency anemias:  This one will confound even the best cryptic crossword enthusiasts. What’s anemia got to do with St. Patrick’s Day? Hint: Hypochromic anemia was historically called the “green” sickness because of a distinct tinge in the skin of some patients.
  8.  I42.6 – Alcoholic cardiomyopathy:  If the drinking that started on St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t stop for several years, you could be staring beer-drinker’s heart in the face.
  9.  M24.459 – Recurrent dislocation, unspecified hip:  There’s a little green man in your office who claims to have thrown out a hip while doing an Irish jig, and strangely enough, your staff are “Dublin” over with laughter. Before you attend to the leprechaun, we’ve got an ICD-10 code for you doc: F10.151 – Alcohol abuse with alcohol-induced psychotic disorder with hallucinations.
  10.  F40.11 – Social phobia, generalized:  Parades, parties, and riotous groups of revelers – this is not a good day for people with a fear of crowds.

Here’s hoping your patients will enjoy the holiday shenanigans responsibly. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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