Q? Why MpowerMed? What makes MpowerMed unique?

A. Experience, Expertise and Results! We are experts in medical billing and practice management services. MpowerMed employees are business professionals who also possess a clinical background and include physicians, board certified physicists, medical dosimetrists, radiation therapists, certified billers and coding specialists, and certified electronic healthcare records specialists. Established in 1998, we have a tremendous amount of experience in the industry. The boutique nature of MpowerMed enables us to cater to your individual needs and offer you personal, customized service.

Q? To what type of facilities does MpowerMed provide services?

A. MpowerMed provides services to most healthcare facility types. Our client base is comprised of private practices, freestanding facilities and oncology departments that are part of major medical centers. Our staff is knowledgeable in professional, hospital and global billing procedures.

Q? Can MpowerMed assist us in choosing an EHR for our department/facility, as well as with the meaningful use and attestation process?

A. Yes. MpowerMed provides assistance in choosing the right EHR to meet the needs of your department/facility. Our Electronic Healthcare Records Specialists are trained to implement the CMS Meaningful Use requirements for your facility, as well as attestation.

Q? Is it true that my department or facility may be eligible for a free EHR plus Meaningful Use and Attestation Services through MpowerMed?

A. Yes!!! Contact MpowerMed to schedule a 30-minute telephone assessment of your department or facility to see if you qualify!

Q? Does MpowerMed present charge capture training seminars?

A. Yes. MpowerMed provides training in radiation oncology and medical oncology charge capture, billing and documentation. Check our Website and social media pages for regular updates on seminars!

Q? Can MpowerMed consultants provide on-site billing training for my staff?

A. Yes! Please contact us for further information. 201-684-1616

Q? Does MpowerMed provide any other types of training classes?

A. Yes! MpowerMed provides training in HIPAA Compliance, OSHA training, JCAHO preparedness, ICD-10 preparedness and Radiation Safety Training. We also can customize classes to suit your needs. Please contact us if you would like more information. 201-684-1616

Q? We are going to have a JCAHO inspection. Can MpowerMed help?

A. Yes! MpowerMed provides assistance with JCAHO preparedness as well as for ACR, ACRO, State and Federal inspections.

MpowerMed The Key Piece to a Successful Practice
MpowerMed is a full service medical practice and project management company and we're looking forward to chatting with you to learn more about your organization to see if we can assist you...
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