Healthcare / Medical Credentialing Services

Allow our experienced healthcare credentialing experts to assume the tedious credentialing responsibility for your medical practice.

We will recommend eligible health plans, that you might consider offering, based on your unique site demographics.

We will assist you in contract negotiations for managed care agreements.

Use state-of-the-art credentialing software to track and maintain physicians' and clinicians' credentials and generate new applications for particpiation

Recommend plans in which to participate

Collect necessary data elements

Perform on-line credentialing

We will collect and compile the following documents for all new and renewal applications while tracking your application status:

  • Annual physical with immunization & PPD
  • Auditing physician data
  • CAQH Compliance
  • CDS (if applicable)
  • DEA Certificates
  • Entering and maintaining physician data
  • Generating an automatic list of practitioners who have expiring credentials
  • Generating and printing applications
  • Generating reports for all missing documents
  • Hospital affiliation assignments
  • Hospital Privileges or re-appointment applications
  • Infection Control (if applicable)
  • Malpractice Insurance: Individual and/or entity
  • Managed care plans
  • Medicaid for individual and / or group
  • Medical Licensures
    NPI (individual or groups, Type I and Type II)
  • Physicians and groups participation ID matrix
  • Physicians CV
  • Providing more than 75 useful tracking reports
  • Scanning and storing physician documents
  • Tracking expired credentials
  • Tracking the receipt of all physician documents
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