When a medical billing practice enters the wrong code on a bill, it sets off a chain of events that not only causes unnecessary work and productivity loss, but in addition impacts your monthly cash flow.

Improper medical coding can also raise red flags leading to audits and penalties, a headache no practice wants. For all these reasons it’s wise to get a checkup of your medical coding procedures by a professional, especially if it’s been a couple of years since your last medical coding checkup.  The impending transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 makes this a perfect time to review your coding practices.

MpowerMed’s Audit Process

Missed Charge Audits

MpowerMed’s certified professional coders ensure successful outcomes for your practice. Our audits are designed to provide the immediate identification of missed or erroneously billed charges and expeditious recovery of under-payments. MpowerMed has a proven track record in audit and recovery capabilities.

1. Audit of your Medicare patient charts

MpowerMed consultants perform an audit of your Medicare patient charts (paper or electronic) in order to identify missed erroneously billed charges and confirm compliant documentation.

2. Formal Audit

MpowerMed will provide a formal Audit Report based on our findings, along with recommendations, upon completion of the audit.

3. Reporting of Results and Recommendations

Based on audit outcome, MpowerMed may recommend further action, including a more extensive or full audit.

4. Missed Charges

Missed charges will be reported to Medicare if within timely filing period.


5. Education

In order to maintain billing compliance, MpowerMed may recommend staff charge capture education.


5. Recommendations

MpowerMed may suggest on-site monitoring or quarterly missed charge and documentation audits.

Final Presentation of Results and Review of Findings

Our highly experienced consultants complete the assessment quickly with very little disruption to your daily practice. Upon completion of the coding audit, MpowerMed will present your practice with the findings and review opportunities for improved processes and results. You will receive a complete report of your results and recommended actions to take, and why.

  • Full review of processes, standards, and results
  • Discussion with all staff involved in the Revenue Cycle
  • Review of proper coding standards and opportunities for improved coding
  • Consideration of any audit risks discovered
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