7 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Make Your Medical Practice Website Effective

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A website for your medical practice is not only a great way to attract new patients, but also a powerful tool to engage with current patients. Your online presence strengthens and supports your other marketing efforts. Integration with related medical sites improves visibility and adds credibility. However, creating and managing a professional website that communicates your message in a meaningful way is not easy. Here are 7 surprisingly easy ways to make your medical practice website effective:

Search Engines

A great website that doesn’t get any visitors is a terrible waste of resources. It is, therefore, imperative for search engines to find your website. An easy way to get noticed is by creating content rich in keywords. Don’t post fluff, however. Take this opportunity to educate your patients about diseases you treat or increase awareness about common public health concerns. The idea is to make your website a valuable resource to a large number of visitors. In addition, linking to relevant articles on authority sites increases your online visibility and improves functionality for the visitor.


Don’t shy away from letting patients and visitors express their opinion. A platform that allows clients to post testimonials can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool for your medical practice. Encourage satisfied patients to speak about their experience with your care. Such reviews can be strong influencers for potential new patients. Take a proactive approach to any negative comments and use it as an opportunity to demonstrate your focus on patient satisfaction.

Online Portals

Offering patients a seamless experience at the doctor’s office is a necessity in today’s intensely competitive healthcare scenario.  Online portals have a dual advantage – they offer patients the flexibility and convenience of registering and paying for services online and they offer your practice the opportunity to collect payment in a timely manner. Online payment portals, for example, are an easy way to improve cash flow at your practice. In addition, updated insurance information through online registration and patient databases save valuable administrative resources.

Social Media

Leverage the power of social media to your benefit. Experts can guide you on making your website more effective by adding rich content and fresh blogs. Professionals with expertise in social media marketing are aware of on-trend issues that can drive traffic to your site and convert visitors to patients. Consider offering a bilingual site. Hire professional writers if you don’t have the ability or time to write engaging content. Keep your website updated with write-ups on contemporary issues that matter to your target audience. Social media is a surprisingly easy way to improve the return on investment in your website.


Make it easy for current and prospective patients to find you. Ensure that your website has updated contact information. Integrate your address with Google Maps to make it easy for visitors to obtain directions. However, don’t forget to mention well-known landmarks in the vicinity of your practice for patients who are not technologically challenged.


It’s important that your website provides patients with information about office hours. If you offer urgent care or after-hour services, be sure to advertise this. If you offer limited practice hours, let patients know what to do should they need medical attention when the practice is closed. By listing nearby urgent care facilities and hospitals, you can make your website a one-stop shop for information on healthcare in the area.


After you have invested in a professional website that communicates your message, offers rich content, and provides useful contact information, don’t forget to employ direct marketing strategies to promote it. Identify your target community and contact prospective patients with postcards or advertisements in the print media. For instance, you could offer a discounted preventive health check to visitors to your website.

An effective website is a powerful tool to bring new clients to your medical practice. You can enhance your return on investment by employing these easy, but essential techniques that make your medical practice website effective.

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