Medical Physics

Our Medical physics division is led by a board-certified medical physicist with more then 30 years of clinical expertise.

Our highly trained physics staff is able to supply support services in new, existing and start-up centers for Radiation Oncology, Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine.

  • Outsourcing
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Diagnostic Radiology
  • Nuclear Medicine

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Radiation Safety Services

  • Shielding Design
  • Radiation Safety Services
  • Operating Room Radiation Safety Support for Prostate Implants
  • Radioactive Materials License Preparation

Physics and Dosimetry Staffing

  • We outsource highly skilled and diligent physicists and dosimetrists
  • Full-time, part-time or per diem physicists and dosimetrists
  • Vacation, Sick & Personal day coverage

Radiation Oncology Services

  • Linear Accelerator Acceptance
  • Commissioning
  • Annual Linear Accelerator Calibrations
  • Monthly LInear Accelerator Quality Control
  • Medical Dosimetry Services
  • Remote Dosimetry Services
  • Remote Physics Services
  • High Dose Rate Brachytherapy (HDR) Support Services
  • Endovascular Brachytherapy
  • Breast Cancer Brachytherapy (Mamosite, AccuBoost)

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Please contact us for more information about our Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Services

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