Features & Benefits of Our Medical Billing Services

Below are some of the features and benefits of using MpowerMed as your medical billing company.

We collect an average of 98% of the medical billing claims we process.

Benefit: You’ll be able to earn more money for each procedure or service you perform, and those extra earnings will contribute straight to your bottom line.

We triple-verify each medical claim and track it daily, which results in an average collection cycle of just 30 days

Benefit: Faster claims processing means healthier cash flow.

By using a medical billing services company, you won’t have to hire and train specialized staff and carry added overhead year-round.

Benefit: You can focus on your core competencies and invest your overhead cost savings into another area of your practice, clinic, or group.

You’ll have access to our proprietary EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical Records / Electronic Health Records) software, which we continuously update and improve.

Benefit: You won’t have to invest thousands of dollars in medical billing software and pay for every upgrade.

Our medical billing / EMR and EHR software is easy to use, and we provide free training for your staff.

Benefit: You won’t have to worry every time you hire a new staff member, and you won’t have to pay training fees to bring your new employee up to speed.

We stay abreast of the changes in healthcare and legal regulations, including Medicare and HIPAA.

Benefit: You can focus on what you love – practicing medicine or running a medical practice – and leave the medical billing hassles to us!

Medical Billing Company Criteria MpowerMed Fulfills

At MpowerMed, we specialize in medical billing and making it efficient, effective, and affordable. Our business focuses on maximizing your practice’s profit because the less worried you are about your bottom line, the more time you will have to dedicate to your patients’ well being, as well as your own.

1) Expertise

Our dedicated medical billing account representatives have an average tenure of eight years at MpowerMed and are well-qualified to lead, assist, train, support, and guide your practice in its medical billing activities. And our company itself has over 15 years of experience in handling private practice medical billing and maximizing the profitability of your practice. We also offer ongoing free consultation to our clients for optimal coding procedures, maximizing AR and AP processes and timing, streamlining business processes and improving cash flow.

We make sure your ICD-9 codes (soon to be ICD-10 codes) are up to date, you aren’t leaving money on the table, and that the business side of your practice is executed effectively and efficiently as possible.

2. Speed + Accuracy

MpowerMed ensures speed and accuracy for your claims submissions and auditing. We submit claims within 48 hours. Every claim is triple verified, personally tracked, and collected within an average of 22 days.

3. Effective

Most practices write off 10-13% of all claims, but not our clients. MpowerMed collects 98% of medical billing collectable revenue for the practices we serve. That means you receive at least 98% more of your money that you’ve already earned than you would with another medical billing company.

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