Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Billing and Collections

MpowerMed offers medical billing for obstetrics and gynecology practices, and has extensive experience and expertise in Ob/Gyn. This has translated into increased revenue with the added benefit of transparent reporting and incredible client support.

In general, medical billing is the procedure for submitting and following up on healthcare services to an insurance company. The process is between the healthcare provider and the insurance company via a top medical billing company such as MpowerMed. The patient will only be billed what is not covered by their insurance.

In order to bill to an insurance company, medical practices will use specified billing codes for any diagnoses and/or procedures that are run during a patient’s visit.

The bottom-line: It is not worth the risk for an Ob/Gyn to use a billing company that does not focus on Ob/Gyn billing.

MpowerMed is the preferred choice in Ob/Gyn medical billing and collections because we maintain a close eye on changing coding and collections regulations. We offer better levels of responsiveness in Ob/Gyn medical practice billing and collections, combining the convenience of a billing and collections department down the hall with in-house levels of control.

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