Gastroenterology Medical Billing and Collections

MpowerMed has significant experience and expertise in Gastroenterology billing that can generate a major increase in collections for your Gastroenterology practice.

As the cost of providing Gastroenterology related healthcare services continues to rise, medical institutions and Gastroenterology practices cannot afford to leave revenue uncollected by billing companies or freelancers that are not knowledgeable in Gastroenterology billing.

Good gastroenterology billing require the ability to track underpayments. This requirement often exceeds the capabilities of the billing software used by many billing companies. This is a critical failing since proper pursuit of underpayments can increase a gastroenterologist’s collections by 7 to 10 percent.

These billing complications extend to the patient collections arena as well. The patient collection process for specialists like Gastroenterology is more complicated because of the larger patient balances often owed and the complexity of the procedures/EOBs that must be explained to patients that do not understand their bills. A medical billing service with expertise in billing for Gastroenterology knows how to deal with these situations. Billing services without such experience will increase the risk of both lower patient collections and upset patients confused about their bill.

The bottom-line: It is not worth the risk for a Gastroenterologist to use a billing company that does not focus on Gastroenterology billing and endoscopy billing.

MpowerMed is the preferred choice in Gastroenterologist medical billing and collections because we maintain a close eye on changing coding and collections regulations. We offer better levels of responsiveness in Gastroenterologist medical practice billing and collections, combining the convenience of a billing and collections department down the hall with in-house levels of control.

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