Why Choose Our Medical Billing Services?

We’ll provide you with the facts, back them up with more than a 15 year track record, and be available to assist you with additional information as you make your decision.

Our only goal is to provide you with intimate, personalized service while maximizing the profitability of your practice.

The Way We Do Business

Billing is a science, but people and individual practices are not. That’s why we focus on providing intimate, personalized customer care for every client.


Our Results

They speak for themselves. MpowerMed collects 98% of claims processed and greater than 80% of claims are collected within 30 days.

Our Promise to You

We promise we will increase and maximize the profitability of your practice. If we can’t, we won’t take you on as a client. It’s that simple.

MpowerMed works with complete transparency. You are welcome to review our work at any time, and you have complete access into our proprietary billing software to see how the job gets done. You can review patients’ records, the charges we have submit on your behalf, and all the payments we posted. In fact, we encourage you to do this more often.

You have the expertise and experience to examine and diagnose the patient, and subsequently it is your responsibility to capture a record of the work performed. It is then our responsibility to ensure that you get paid for what you do. Once the codes you identify are submitted, our account representatives DO NOT make any changes to the codes. MpowerMed ensures your accuracy and proper coding practice meets industry standards and regulations.

To ensure you are coding correctly, all of your charges are triple-verified before they are submitted for payment. Our revenue cycle team first ensures that all of the codes are correctly aligned with the diagnostics. This team also reviews the coding accuracy based on our understanding on how you practice. The revenue cycle team is further supported by our certified coders on staff as well as their supervisors to make sure the charges are put into our system as a “clean claim”.

Finally, our proprietary medical billing software and clearinghouse scrubs all charges to ensure they are transmitted right the first time—which leads to our ability to get you paid promptly and accurately. You partner with us to be more than a medical billing company. Our trusted business adviser approach helps you to make decisions that will ensure that you are as profitable as possible. Like you, the quality of our work is just as important as what we do. Our reputation is created and enhanced by the long-term success of the medical practices we support.

MpowerMed The Key Piece to a Successful Practice
MpowerMed is a full service medical practice and project management company and we're looking forward to chatting with you to learn more about your organization to see if we can assist you...
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