Below are some links to Quality and Resource Use Report (QRUR) templates, rules and procedures, and other supporting details for the QRUR that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services disseminated in September 2014 both doctors that are solo practitioners as well as physicians that practice as a group.

However, the 2014 Quality and Resource Use Reports (QRUR) issued by the CMS are only made available to individual and group practitioners that met the following criteria: (1) There should be at least 1 physician billed under the TIN in 2013, and (2) the TIN should have a minimum of 1 qualified case for at least 1 of the quality or cost measures included in the Quality and Resource Use Reports. Also, CMS did not distribute 2013 QRUR group practitioners or individual practices who are taking part in the Medicare Shared Savings Program, the Pioneer ACO Model, as well as the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative.

Various resources and information supplements are available for solo doctor practices and group practice, including some guidelines on how to understand and apply the 2013 Quality and Resource Use Report and QRUR Supplementary Exhibits which you can access here. This document help doctors to understand as well as improve their performance by providing quality care.

Also physicians and groups can view a list of frequently asked questions about the 2013 Quality and Resource Use Reports, and obtain answers from the document that can be accessed here.

For a detailed access to the technical methodology used to produce the 2013 QRURs including the 2015 Value-based payment modifier, they can gain view this document here.

A document presenting the benchmark means and standard deviations for all quality and cost measures included in the 2013 Quality and Resource Use Report, can be downloaded here.

This was done through reporting mechanism and TIN size, which will be used to compute value-based performance in 2015. The article also covers more information on 2013 performance that shows changes that will apply to the computation of value-based performance in 2016 – in which the period covered will be 2014.

For a complete access to all 2013 QRUR guidelines and other information for solo doctor practitioners or group practitioners they can simply visit the official portal of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) through this link.  All there is to know about QRUR that was disseminated in September of 2014 are all obtainable or downloadable online. Just visit CMS.gov.





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