Does Your Medical Practice Website Have These 7 Essential Features?

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You probably know that a website is essential for your medical practice. But do you know that the average visitor spends about 10 seconds deciding whether to stay on your site or leave? It goes without saying that a well-presented website can convert visitors to patients. But if prospective patients don’t get the information they’re looking for quickly, they’ll waste no time in moving on to your competitor’s website. Here are 7 essential features in a medical clinic website that will encourage patients to sign up with your practice.

#1:  About Us

When you’re talking about your practice, presenting cold hard facts can seem rather clinical. Potential patients are more likely to be impressed if you tell them why they should choose you over your competitors. What do you offer that no other clinic in the area does? In other words, what is your USP (unique selling proposition)? A well-formulated About Us page tells a patient not only what you do and when your practice started, but also what makes you different from other providers.

#2:  Services

Describe the services you offer in easy-to-understand language and in terms of how they benefit your patients. To this end, it’s important to understand the difference between features and benefits. A feature is a factual description of the service you offer. A benefit is what the patient gains from receiving the service. For example, if you run a hypertension clinic, then control of blood pressure is a feature. The benefit to the patient is that under-control blood pressure protects from a number of chronic medical conditions.

#3:  Contact

Improving patient reach is an invaluable marketing strategy. It may seem like the Hours of Operation and Contact Information page is pretty straightforward, but it does offer a chance for your medical practice to outshine others. In addition to the usual methods of contacting the clinic, you should consider offering other ways of getting in touch. Many people, especially millennials, find texting and social media platforms easier and quicker to navigate than the more traditional methods such as e-mail and phone calls.

#4:  Maps

The first page of your website should have a Mapquest or Google Maps pin. For the less technologically savvy, it is a good idea to provide driving directions and well-known landmarks near your clinic.

#5:  Trust Badges

Trust badges improve the credibility of your practice through third-party associations. For example, McAfee Secure tells visitors that your site is safe to click, download, and make payments. A Better Business Bureau badge allows prospective patients to check your current rating with one click of the mouse. Certifications, affiliations, and credible associations, for example with the American Heart Association, should be prominently displayed on your website.

#6:  Testimonials

The best people to encourage new patients to sign up with your practice are your existing patients. You should be proactive about collecting positive reviews and posting success stories (with permission) on your website. Interestingly, experts believe that video testimonials are perceived as more authentic than written testimonials, so this is something you should keep in mind.

#7:  Content

Fresh, up-to-date, topical content drives traffic to your website and attracts new patients to your practice. Search engine algorithms are designed to detect and promote new content. Announce any new services your clinic is offering, express your opinion on the latest health concerns, and promote any events your clinic is participating in. The idea is to consistently and regularly add new and relevant information to your website.

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