The 2015 CPT Update on Radiation Oncology

ASTRO had participated in the process of CPT Code during the CPT revision cycle for coping up with the changes that are going to reflect the latest radiation oncology practices. This called for recreating the External Beam Treatment Delivery codes for various IMRT levels, eventually creating an IGRT code that will be independent on technology. This is going to include the III tracking code used previously, and it will be bundled with IGRT molded into the IMRT delivery codes. Other than this, the teletherapy planning and the brachytherapy codes have been revised too and they are bundled with the fundamental dosimetry processes and calculations in the codes.

AMA released the changes in the CPT code on August 28, 2014. These changes are going to be effected in January 2015. Among the many changes, the Radiation Oncology has gone through a number of changes. It is expected that CMS is going to release Medicare values for the new codes that have been introduced, making them a part of its Medicare Physician Fee schedule for 2015. This is going to reveal in November.

The Delivery Code For The Conventional Radiation Therapy Treatment

There were 9 codes which were used for this treatment but they have been deleted now.

The Conventional Radiation Therapy Treatment will be performed using the megavoltage beam on 1st of January 2015. Only there codes are going to be used for this purpose. These will be:

  • 77402
  • 77407
  • 77412

The energy level of megavoltage beam does not define the level of complexity of the delivery codes of the Conventional Radiation Therapy Treatment.

Delivery Codes For The Intensity Modulate Radiation Therapy Treatment

The IMRT treatment does not include the 77418 code. The new codes that will be used in the treatment are the following:

  • 77385
  • 77386

Codes For Image Guided Radiation Therapy

From the image guided radiation therapy, codes 0197T, 77421, 76950 are no longer used. Furthermore, the 77014 code will not be used for reporting and describing any kind of work of related with the image guided radiation therapy.

Here are the new codes that will be used for reporting, tracking and guidance:

  • 77387

Planning Codes For Teletherpay And Brachytherapy Isodose

The codes that have been deleted from the teletherpay include 77305, 77310 and 77315. Furthermore, the codes for brachytherapy that have been deleted include 77326, 77327 and 77328. The codes that have been replaced for coding and reporting include:

  • 77306
  • 77307
  • 77316
  • 77317
  • 77318

More Information

There are multiple resources provided by ASTRO that can let you know more about the changes in the codes made for 2015.

ASTRO is planning to arrange a webinar for the 2015 coding changes in September. It is going to provide detail information about the changes in the codes that will effect in January 2015.

Furthermore, the changes in the codes and updates for the year 2015 are going to be discussed at the 56th annual meeting of ASTRO during the HPSL at the Moscone Center, San Francisco. It is going to be a virtual meeting.

Furthermore, ASTRO is providing a 2015 Radiation Oncology Coding Resource which is going to be based on the changes in the codes along with some FAQs.




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