CareCore | MedSolutions, the leading provider of Medical Benefits Management (MBM) solutions to managed care and risk-bearing provider organizations, rebranded to eviCore healthcare. The announcement of the brand launch was made by eviCore Chairman and CEO John J. Arlotta during the AHIP’s Institute 2015 conference. The launch of the new name and brand is an effort by the company to fulfill its pledge to achieve quality medical outcomes and contain healthcare costs.

eviCore healthcare combines the technologies, talents and tactical capabilities of CareCore | MedSolutions. Merging the two companies will help in delivering innovative MBM solutions that are aimed at bringing positive changes in the healthcare system.

During the announcement, Arlotta went ahead to say that the new brand is a combined effort by both companies to bring deeper insights, greater value and more sustainable solutions to all their partners and clients.

The formidable data and analytics capabilities of both companies will be channeled by eviCore, furthermore, over 300,000 health professionals will work towards creating an outstandingly evidence-based approach to the distribution and management of medical benefits.

Mark Ciamarra of SVP, Marketing and Growth Management said that it is all about adequately providing answers to the right people and at the right time in the clinical process, and advising people on how to find the best care path. He continued to say that eviCore understands the perspectives of everyone because they are at the heart of the healthcare system, which means eviCore is in a better position to ensure faster and more informed decisions that are better for the whole system.

Below is what inspired the new name and branding:

  • The prefix “evi” stands for evidence-based medicine.
  • The word “Core” stands for the position the company has at the heart of the healthcare ecosystem. Additionally, it is a nod to eviCore’s legacy company, CareCore National.
  • The tag line “innovative solutions” expresses the commitment that the company has in bringing innovative solutions in the industry; it is also recognition of eviCore’s other legacy company, MedSolutions.
  • The new logo is a graphical illustration of how the company strives to connect all the dots to satisfy clients’ needs and the gradation of the dots expresses flexibility in deploying solutions.

A new corporate ID system, website and other marketing collateral are also set to be launched. Arlotta added that amidst the ongoing developments, some things will not change, which include the determination to improve the quality of services they deliver and the commitment to build a rewarding relationships with all clients. He was confident that eviCore had the opportunity to improve how medical benefits are managed.

About eviCore healthcare

eviCore healthcare is at the forefront in delivering diversified medical benefit management solutions to help clients reduce costs while increasing the quality of care. eviCore provides these solutions to risk-bearing provider organizations and managed care organizations serving commercial, Medicare and Medicaid populations. The company works by supporting its clients through ensuring the right evidence-based care is made available to the right patients in a timely manner. eviCore is honored to help more than 80 million Americans get quality, lower cost healthcare. Visit evicore.com for more information.

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