The yearly BMSI Conference held by the expert and authority in Radiation Oncology; Dr. Carl Bogardus, former past President of ACR & ASTRO was attended by MpowerMed employees.

Key issues discussed are the basic principles of billing, coding and compliance in Radiation Oncology. This high quality, highly specialized seminar is a (2) day event to review and to remain current with the ever-changing regulatory climate and its effect on Radiation Oncology. This event represents over 100 years of combined clinical expertise in the field of Radiation Oncology. It is a very personal and educational experience.

Some of the key issues reviewed and used on a daily basis are the proper techniques of proper charge capture, recognition of proper documentation, and a full understanding of the complex interrelationships that exist in this extremely complex, difficult specialty.

Incorporated on a daily basis is the vital importance of compliance with all existing rules and regulations, proper and accurate documentation of all performed procedures, effective charge capture and correct submission of billing of all procedures performed by our Physicians in Radiation Oncology.

The seminar discussed CPT Code changes and gave an overview of the radiation oncology codes.  We refer to their Coding and Compliance Manual regularly.

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