The ICD-10 compliance date will be on 1st October 2015. This new transition will be required for each and every person who is covered by the well known health insurance portability accountability act. It is important to note that this new change in ICD-10 will not affect any of the CPT coding procedures either for the physician services or the outpatient methods. If you want to jumpstart your ICD-10 transition, then you need to use Road to 10 which is an online resource designed with inputs from the providers in the small practices. This Road to 10 has specialty references thus helping the small providers to build amazing ICD-10 action plans which have been tailored for their practice requirements. Some of the CMS resources which are vital in this ICD-10 process include the following:

  • Look out at the recently updated CMS ICD-10 Resources Flyer
  • Visit the three new Medscape Education resources which will generally provide a good guidance around the new transition to the ICD-10. Furthermore, on this resources page, health care professionals who might have completed the learning modules can access nursing continuing education (CE) and continuing medical education (CME) credits.       There is no limitation of who can get this certificate of completion. In case you are a new visitor to Medscape, you will be required to create a new free account in order to access the following resources:
  • You can view the ICD-10 Introduction fact sheet
  • Also find official resources all aimed at helping the payers, providers, non-covered entities and vendors with this transition to ICD-10.

In order to stay up to date with ICD-10, you can easily sign up for the CMS ICD-10 Industry Email Updates as well as follow us on Twitter.

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